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Syria WTF?

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Guest brrrtmn. Aug-17-2012

muslim rebals excuting christian

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-18-2012

FUCKING ANIMALS FUCKKKKKK... NUKE EM ANIMALS ALREADY wtf is going on here... why they keep shooting at a dead guy.. and why the helll they keep saying allah akbar since when killing another human is such a good thing.. wtf i don't understand this bullshit i don't understand how they justify killing for the name of god :(

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-21-2012

i think we should leave them self eat to see where they can go again. they are very idiot, war is idiot but it's good for business...remember God of war the movie...

armedguard007 brrrtmn. Aug-24-2012

They are all feril pigs and should be anililated. I do not care what ur god is, if he allows u to kill ur own people like that, he is not a God but a demon. Nothing justifies what these barbarians are doing either side> Monsters and should all be quickly put down with fire from the sky. Glass house this sand pit!

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-25-2012

Awesome...stay in the middle east...now repeat 1 billion more times and all our problems will be solved.

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-27-2012

Are you sure the title is correct?! Isn't killing civilians the exact opposite of what the Free Syrian Army does? Are you sure these aren't Bashar Al-Assad's men killing a civilian or a FSA fighter?

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-2-2012

How do you know he was a christian?

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-12-2012

the islamic faith doing only what it knows how to do ,,,,"kill"....nothing more nothing less........and we all base our religions on this faith........well you got me fucked,....i thought God and his mates wanted us to live in peace with each other..............

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-13-2012

Catholicism killed mercilessly in the name of "god" also and they did it effectively, they have just as much blood on their hands as do the Muslims, religion is the problem.. it gives people an excuse to fight for something other than work together as one people. it is religion that will keep us separated from each other and will subsequently keep us from reaching a higher level of civilization , that along with you asses who think that the U.S. is the greatest "country" in the world xD WAKE THE FUCK UP IDIOTS. know whats going on around you don't just take one side and perspective.. because there are ALWAYS 2 sides to one story! don't be so quick to shrug off the one that doesn't interest you.

Reggieman brrrtmn. Sep-14-2012

Because their God is Satan

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-18-2012

Don.t watch then

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-22-2012


Guest brrrtmn. Oct-1-2012

The man who started the shooting, who wears black, is father of a child that man kill him .. who was to be executed

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-2-2012

No matter which side they're on, or who they support, or who they're fighting for or against, or whatever, the Muzzies are always squealing, "Allah u Akbar..." Like any of their gods would condone such evil and brutal behavior. It would be nice to know who executed this guy and for what...but in the end, does it really matter? They're just a violent and animalistic people. Always have been, and always will be...

marivic2you brrrtmn. Oct-2-2012

Blood thirsty scum, they're not human. Need to nuke these shit countires

martiansarepunk brrrtmn. Oct-18-2012

No, as I understand it, he was a Shabiha pointed out by civilians as one of the men responsible for shootingdemonstrators(two of 'em). Still these douchebags have no right to execute him. Pretty messed up that 2 muslims accusing a man of a crime, he may very well be innocent of, is enough evidence to justify execution.

martiansarepunk brrrtmn. Oct-18-2012

Would you expect anything different from a group of people whose prophet was a war monger w/ a bloodlust for violence?

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-18-2012


Guest brrrtmn. Oct-19-2012

That's what's so f'd up about it the whole thing. Both sides are terrible



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