Horrible aftermath - Car crashes into truckadded Thu Aug 9 12:28:39 2012 ago by brrrtmn in: Others | views: 7


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Guest brrrtmn. Aug-21-2012

wtf why was no one supporting the trapped guy .

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-25-2012

probably because its Russia.

yury brrrtmn. Aug-25-2012

Ukraine. UKRAINE. Right?

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-28-2012

That's going to leave a scar or two. LOL!!!

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-2-2012

because there was a truck on him.
If they wanted to completely crush him they could cave just backed the truck off his legs. They tried to save his legs.

That is a result of drinking and driving.

proloile brrrtmn. Oct-9-2012

They needed him there to reverse the car out of the mess?

Reggieman brrrtmn. Oct-24-2012

Is he saying my balls itch?

dicksenormous brrrtmn. Oct-31-2012

Don't rush to his help Willia he is the only one alive !!!!

Guest brrrtmn. Nov-25-2012

Not so bad like you motherfucker

bioskiller brrrtmn. Dec-4-2012

wow, i can not understand why no medic is with him. no attention at all, shame on you ukranian medics at the scene. and having to watch these firemens walking around and him screaming, fuck them, poor trapped men.

leigh2k12 brrrtmn. Dec-8-2012

Help him, you fucking morons!

Guest brrrtmn. Feb-10-2013

He is dead dummies!

Guest brrrtmn. Feb-23-2013

Unreal, unless you are in the Ukraine I suppose. Sort of insane that they had enough time to get a crane setup before dead guy #2 wakes up. In the USA this type of shit would never occur. Not a judgement on anyone, just saying.…

Guest brrrtmn. Feb-26-2013

I believe the injured man is crying "HELP ME!" I want to jump into the screen and start treating him for shock.

Vograd brrrtmn. Mar-11-2013

they were lifting truck from his feet

ragevirus2013 brrrtmn. Mar-22-2013

goddamn..RIP fuckers

rhoaste brrrtmn. Apr-3-2013

FIrst-aid 101. The people who aren't screaming are the ones to deal with first.

Sirhc Yenoc brrrtmn. May-21-2013

That's just horrible. I hope he was okay.

imminentvore brrrtmn. Jun-10-2013

Morons???..........THEY ARE MORONS.



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