Suicide attempt on rail line (Warning:GRAPHIC) / Попытка суицида на реальсах в Индииadded Sat Jul 7 16:59:37 2012 ago by brrrtmn in: Others | views: 8


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pc123 brrrtmn. Jul-7-2012

Holy shit, that is intense

Guest brrrtmn. Jul-15-2012


Guest brrrtmn. Jul-18-2012

I hope he isn't thinking of suing the Railway cause he doesn't have a Leg to stand on. I wonder why he did this, I am as stumped as he is, I guess his train surfing days are over.

Guest brrrtmn. Jul-21-2012

I think maybe Ala told him to do that `cause he, accidently, kicked sand in someones face at the beach.

Guest brrrtmn. Jul-23-2012

He lost half his body weight through training alone.

marivic2you brrrtmn. Jul-31-2012

Half of him wants to get up and half of him wants to run away.
Someone shoot him and put him out of his misery, ahh no, fuck him

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-9-2012

Look at the sweat under his armpits, thats disgusting

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-11-2012

He's just sitting there hanging out. Adrenaline works pretty well as a pain killer

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-12-2012

I think 'ala' means 'jesus's father' in aramaic and arabic. get an education.

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-14-2012


Guest brrrtmn. Aug-14-2012

haha what a twat, if your gonna do something like that either do it properly or completely miss, dont get somewhere in between

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-21-2012

wow brilliant . also the comments are a good read:)

ANDEEZY brrrtmn. Aug-24-2012

From suicidal tendencies, to amputee! Nice job bro! You're fucked.

armedguard007 brrrtmn. Aug-24-2012


armedguard007 brrrtmn. Aug-24-2012

next time he will put his neck on the rail instead of his legs, maybe that way he might die if that is what he was trying to do... lol

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-25-2012

Well Ganish...the good news? You can still work the help desk at DELL. The bad news? The building doesn't have a wheel chair ramp or an elevator.

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-28-2012

soy mayor de 18 anos

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-28-2012

thats going to leave my memory.

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-2-2012

Might have been a better idea to lay "along" the tracks , rather than "across" the tracks.

Probably experience a bit of swelling and pain after that nasty cut across the legs there.



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