Ukraine. Штурм Администрации президента / Demonstrants attack presidential headquarteradded Sun Dec 1 17:52:59 2013 ago by yury in: News | views: 6

Demonstrators attacked President Yanukovych's headquarters, commandeering a bulldozer to break through police lines. Interior Ministry forces and riot police fired tear gas and stun grenades to repel the protesters. Journalists were injured.

Replies: 44 yury. Dec-1-2013


galgebroed yury. Dec-1-2013

this will not end well..

Guest yury. Dec-2-2013


AL yury. Dec-2-2013

:( 1312 !!!

dfbasdfbsrbstryb yury. Dec-2-2013

this looks like a fucking war the way these people are being treated by what are suppose to be protectors of the people, right? doesn't look that way to me..

llamma yury. Dec-2-2013

the men are wavering!

Guest yury. Dec-2-2013

Where is this?

Guest yury. Dec-2-2013

I hope all you fucking cops burn. Torch Kiev! burn that shithole guys! We'll help you rebuild it on top of their bones.

MrMcDeliciouson yury. Dec-2-2013

Where was this in the news?

admin yury. Dec-2-2013

so unorganized and utterly pointless

Guest yury. Dec-2-2013

Ukraine. The flag is a giveaway. Blue on top of yellow.

JT yury. Dec-2-2013

Every helmeted motherfucker needs to be killed.

Guest yury. Dec-2-2013

Stay strong Ukraine. Show the world how a revolution happens. Hopefully more will follow.

TurkeyBurgers yury. Dec-3-2013

The day that I am forced to take to the streets in the United States is the day that I take my AK-47 and 1000 rounds of ammunition with me and wipe the streets clean of the statists.

StereotypicalAmerican yury. Dec-3-2013

Hail Satan!

AAOIDJ yury. Dec-3-2013

No. The people rioting are in favor of joining the UA. (Formerly known as USSR). The government AND a vast majority of the ukrainian people are opposed. Make no mistake, it would not be a good thing if ukraine joined.

Guest yury. Dec-3-2013

What did the police expect? When people feel threatened they are probably going to fight back.

Guest yury. Dec-3-2013

Take note this is americas future

Guest yury. Dec-3-2013

if you act like thugs then get treated like thugs by even bigger thugs dumb fucks.



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