Hillary Clinton taunted by Egyptian protesters chanting Monica and throwing shoes at motorcade added Mon Jul 16 12:00:15 2012 ago by brrrtmn in: News | views: 11

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been taunted by chants of "Monica, Monica" by tomato-throwing demonstrators as she visited the Egyptian port city of Alexandria. The chants, referring to the Monica Lewinsky scandal when her husband, Bill Clinton, was president, were heard outside the US consulate as she visited for its reopening.

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Wilhelm brrrtmn. Jan-9-2014

These folks are more free that in the US, if anyone taunted Hillary with Monica jeers and throwing shoes, they can expect to see a police station insides and most likely jail for political crimes against the the party.

MrBadGuy brrrtmn. Dec-8-2015

That's why she should keep her Cheated face at USA... And give more frequently blowjobs on her husband ;-)



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