Rebekah Herzberg Exposed: Internet Stalking and Cyber Bullyingadded Tue Nov 13 19:19:20 2012 ago by in: News | views: 7

I was friends with Rebekah Walles / Rebekah Herzberg and saw that she was complaining a lot about various people cyber bullying and stalking her online. I watched her online escapades for almost a year while doing my own research and detective work to only find out that she was the one harassing all the people that she complained about. What I found disturbed and upset me with all the recent stories of bullies in the media so I made a short documentary of this newly learned cyber stalker and her specific situation in order to help others spot and detect bullies thru cyber bullying examples. Thank you for watching.



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Rebekah Herzberg . Oct-28-2013

This video was deleted because it was obviously a cruel lie and the party involved apologized to me.

Clinto Luciano . Aug-3-2014

And yet here 'you' are internet stalking and talking shit..

Rebekah Herzberg . Aug-28-2014

How am I internet stalking and talking shit? I was given a link to this video and I mentioned in my comment that the parties involved apologized for their cruel lies. Where is the logic in your response?



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