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Guest brrrtmn. Mar-31-2016

Dressed like that at the movies? Oh, that's right. There's no shame in looking like a ho. Slut shaming, get the fuck outta here! If you look like a slut, bitch, you should be ashamed!

Guest brrrtmn. Mar-31-2016

All of those horny ass nerds and dykes getting off!

Geek1957 brrrtmn. Apr-3-2016

Doubt they're hookers. Probably on their way to a club wearing those 'fuck me' stiletto shoes.

elperronchingon brrrtmn. Apr-8-2016

Vegas prostitution at war

IMWally brrrtmn. Apr-10-2016

Ladies ladies.... there's enough of me to go around. No need to fight.

Um brrrtmn. May-1-2016

That is a hotel

Guest brrrtmn. May-16-2016

Fighting over me banana.

Guest brrrtmn. May-16-2016

And they're dressed like sluts

IMWally brrrtmn. Sep-12-2016

LaDahsha says to Sarquesha dat she be all skanky, den Limwbamma step in and Gordoosha defends her honor by kicking her in the pussy.
Bitches! Am I right? Can I get an Amen anyone?

IMWally brrrtmn. Sep-24-2016

I think the black ho won......

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-8-2016

Hookers and a movie.

IMWally brrrtmn. Oct-18-2016

I think Kwanisshia won... or maybe it was Ladashaina. Hard to tell really, all those skanks fight alike.



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