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An unfortunate incident occurred in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, the 11th of July in Penang, Malaysia. Tan Kim Chuan, a 60 year old woman, was a victim of a snatch theft by a motorcyclist, while she was walking alone near her apartment, Rifle Range flats at around 6.02 am. A CCTV camera installed at one of the apartment blocks showed the lone motorcyclist suddenly grabbing Tan's handbag from behind, causing her to fall and knock her head against the floor. The CCTV camera also caught 7 people walking past her, but did nothing as she lay unconscious on the ground for seven minutes. A passer-by then contacted the police and alerted them of the accident. Tan was immediately rushed to Penang Hospital, but was pronounced dead nine hours later.

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Guest brrrtmn. Aug-11-2012

fukin chintok

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-22-2012

oh no!!

Guest brrrtmn. Nov-17-2012

what the fuk is the matter with ppl

Guest brrrtmn. Feb-5-2013

were we going to??!!!

Guest brrrtmn. Feb-16-2013

Ой, а я думал только китайцы друг друга не любят..

Guest brrrtmn. May-2-2013

thats a fucking joke

Guest brrrtmn. Jun-4-2013

there are Malaysia ok?

Domino38 brrrtmn. Jun-18-2013

That literally breaks my heart. That poor, poor woman. I hope she haunts each and every one of them. Disgusting.

santaisaa@gmail.com brrrtmn. Sep-22-2013

man o man fucking mofo.hey what comes around goes around. these mofo ,dame I have no words. I hate people that talk shit ,and when its time to help some poor soul YOU CATCH PUSSY.BICTHES

santaisaa@gmail.com brrrtmn. Sep-22-2013

hell yea,i hope so too. Domino38

glinda49 brrrtmn. Sep-30-2013

People who do that are pure evil.

dawn911 brrrtmn. Oct-23-2013

people are far from god and are going to hell

N3tJ4mm3r brrrtmn. Mar-30-2014

Like Einstein said: The world is an evil place, not because of the evil doers, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

sweetbayag brrrtmn. May-9-2014

kill the thief. hail to the thief.

Guest brrrtmn. Jul-23-2014

malaysia is highly in snatching and robbing ...
and the government and police is not going to do anything about it,

Guest brrrtmn. Jul-23-2014

WTF is wrong with some peeps

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-7-2014

you people are as cruel and unhuman as I've ever seen

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-22-2014

what is it with these people.are they affraid from getting accused of something for paying attention?or are they simpley big ass cowards,no feeling at all..???

Guest brrrtmn. Dec-4-2014

The guy at the end is waiving his hand, and saying : " she's faking it".



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