Lucky man escapes deathadded Thu Jul 19 14:11:22 2012 ago by brrrtmn in: CCTV | views: 5


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Domino38 brrrtmn. Jun-18-2013

Bloody idiot in red was obviously going against the light! What was he thinki...oh, never mind, it's from China.

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-30-2013

Angel Of Death missed this one !!

Vladivostok brrrtmn. Oct-16-2013

Kutheni umqhubi wetrakhi ebalekisa kangaka yena?

dawn911 brrrtmn. Oct-23-2013

bet he is wanting to know how to get home on foot and how to find the money to buy a new bike

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-22-2014

he almost ended under those wheels.jump and run.keep holding unto dear scooter.

Sicilianodoc38 brrrtmn. Feb-28-2015

Secondo me in quei paesi non sono capaci di guidare nessun mezzo a motore ma solo muli

Guest brrrtmn. Nov-11-2015

Allahu Akbar

MrBadGuy brrrtmn. Dec-8-2015

Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!!!!

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-2-2016

Kos omek kos om your allah fuck you fuck your allah with you

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-3-2016

fuck your allah

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-20-2016

fuck your allah

The Irishman brrrtmn. Sep-29-2016

SIEG HEIL !!!!!!!

MrBadGuy brrrtmn. Oct-21-2016


MrBadGuy brrrtmn. Oct-21-2016

Why don't we make a Threesome...? Me tearing apart your ass, and you sucking Allah's DICK or any holy shit like that... Btw... please, clean up your butt first... I do not like dirt fags... honey kisses my little Bitch ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D



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