Brutal crash leaves two dead / Жестокая авария с участием автомобилей и пешехода added Sun Jul 8 15:01:35 2012 ago by brrrtmn in: CCTV | views: 12

Accident, which involved two cars and a pedestrian (accompanied by an animal), in the village Prahova Vitrioarei,Romania. Pedestrian his cow and a driver died on the spot.

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Guest brrrtmn. Jul-25-2012

Bine ca soferul vinovat a mai scapam de cocalarii astia care omoara nevinovati......

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-10-2012

Estava na hora errada e no lugar errado!!

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-24-2012

when the car hits the ped it just bends fuck me!!

Guest brrrtmn. Nov-18-2012


Guest brrrtmn. Dec-16-2012

eina nahui

Guest brrrtmn. Feb-5-2013

so stupid to drive so fast on ice!!!!!

nelsonmelissa912 brrrtmn. Apr-6-2013

this is truely sad , poor guy and his cow were just walking , some people really need to start careing about what there actions, cause's for others, selfish people take lives every day ,

Guest brrrtmn. May-15-2013

sofer tampit

Domino38 brrrtmn. Jun-18-2013

Aww, poor cow, people usually deserve just about everything they get, hate to see an innocent animal hurt though.

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-21-2013

muito azar mas com estes loucos ao volante tudo e possivel

BlackWidow brrrtmn. Nov-25-2013

That's us in romania! Everyone does what he wants, and that's because of the video, many people pay even alive!

Linda brrrtmn. Jan-2-2014

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Guest brrrtmn. Jan-27-2014

cows are food, you fucktard.

Aaroncox1 brrrtmn. Sep-10-2014


Sicilianodoc38 brrrtmn. Feb-28-2015

Che sfiga

Agony4455 brrrtmn. Mar-27-2015

guy and his cows should not be walking there , kinda accident waiting to happen.
and the car driving like an idiot , kinda weird

Deathman brrrtmn. Apr-9-2015

Mince meat.

patty sordiff brrrtmn. Apr-16-2015

what about that poor horse? unless it was one of the 2 you mentioned ;

BOZOO brrrtmn. Sep-7-2015

Fuck the webmaster of this site....stupid asso...I just lost a message trying to correct a hyphen and my message disappeared. Stupid lazy mfr's..a simple line of code would fix it you sadist sob!



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