Jul-18-2012 (#5166) By: brrrtmn (points: 28092, rank: 1)

Lightning ball caught on cellphone in Bolivia
very rare footage

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Aug-4-2012 (#6322) By: specialgift45 (points: 9, rank: 1013)

What the hell is that?

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Oct-15-2012 (#14366) By: suc_2623 (points: 1, rank: 5181)


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Dec-11-2012 (#20993) By: Fozzy (points: 2, rank: 3239)

This looks very much like a UFO to me! Excellent capture, is there any more details on this?

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Jan-18-2013 (#24026) By: Guest user - Id: QeRmfxMr0E

Old movie trick, shoot through the glass, light on a string behind the camera, push light towards the glass looks like light is outside but instead is behind the camera. It's that easy.

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Jan-18-2013 (#24085) By: Guest user - Id: y4TDjcihjQ

Maybe but if the light source was actually inside and what we are seeing is a reflection, how is it that the water running down the window is distorting the image of the light? The light would have to be on the other side of the water for the distortion to occur the way it does. The water distorts the ball of light even after it begins to move making it seem like the light source is on the outside.

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Jan-18-2013 (#24088) By: Guest user - Id: QeRmfxMr0E

The running water is distorting the light by reflection, its easy to duplicate, and besides if you turn up the volume you can hear it on the string as it gets closer.

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Jan-20-2013 (#24164) By: Guest user - Id: cmpilkNC5M

fake. light from behind camera moving closer. natural reaction would be to follow the light up. instead the camera shifts slightly and almost done. also, as someone said above, you can hear the disturbance by whom ever is bring the light closer.

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Mar-26-2013 (#29339) By: Siamark (points: 61, rank: 180)

dit is een soort BLIKSEM!! heel erg zeldzaam!!

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Oct-16-2015 (#112678) By: Rangee (points: 9, rank: -)

Pikachu... Use Thunderbolt! XD

May-17-2016 (#124746) By: shadow36317 (points: 1, rank: -)

amazing!! great capture!!

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