Jul-11-2012 (#4512) By: brrrtmn (points: 28092, rank: 1)

Free Syrian army mortar rocket launch fail
I think,they do it wrong

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Jul-11-2012 (#4532) By: Guest user - Id: CTMXvgpRDU

now that is some nice expertice on the site from those guys, keep up the 'good' work boys, ye'll get there!

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Jul-15-2012 (#4924) By: Guest user - Id: GXsjBB4DjU

So what happend there, was it a bad round?

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Jul-18-2012 (#5143) By: Nenonims (points: 4, rank: 2076)

Wheres your whore god there lads ? pathetic waste of air

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Jul-18-2012 (#5174) By: Guest user - Id: s6SrJpCXa6

Это, блин, миномет.

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Aug-9-2012 (#6657) By: Guest user - Id: 3Wk7V0e5YQ

Of course, reported as Syrian Army shelling civilians

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Dec-26-2013 (#47729) By: Terriblehorst (points: 71, rank: 154)

Well done Stupid Terrorist.

May-2-2014 (#62697) By: Jhon - Id: e2cCWt0uV2

biggest terrorist are hagana that bring you to Palestine, you Zionist child killer.

Jan-27-2014 (#53954) By: Guest user - Id: cuMoiJWdbk

nepismena rabota.vaka e od ulica u borba

May-2-2014 (#62701) By: G Coxx (points: 7, rank: 1216)

allah Akbar

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