Jul-13-2012 (#4716) By: brrrtmn (points: 27702, rank: 1)

Bully gets beat up by skater

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Aug-2-2012 (#6207) By: The_Boss (points: 12, rank: 783)

I fucking love when people pick on the wrong person!

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Aug-3-2012 (#6213) By: Guest user - Id: Ystwy5z3yA

Vive la Fance !!

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Aug-4-2012 (#6311) By: Guest user - Id: 6yxIORY.xY

thats belgium

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Sep-29-2012 (#12327) By: Guest user - Id: mN31z8SGmg

c'est tres vieux et ça se passe en Belgique

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Dec-14-2012 (#21289) By: lloydd5 (points: 81, rank: 595)

how long do they sit there for

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Sep-27-2013 (#40620) By: ScoobyDoobyDoo (points: 630, rank: 27)

Very nice work by that skater dude !

Now is all the munchkins would get the fuck out of the way ;)

Mar-30-2014 (#59434) By: N3tJ4mm3r (points: 11, rank: 865)

Thats what you fucking get!

Nov-23-2015 (#114979) By: MrBadGuy (points: 517, rank: 144)

Are they fucking?

Jan-15-2016 (#117824) By: angryandy0815 (points: 3, rank: -)

the bully was a typical subhuman like in germany...see the haircut like all those wannabe gangsters.
turks or arabs

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