Jul-31-2012 (#6051) By: brrrtmn (points: 28092, rank: 1)

Hood fight
Big momma's vs cheeky teen girl

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Jul-31-2012 (#6070) By: pc123 (points: 6375, rank: 6)

i don't understand these fights, unnecessary violence

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Aug-2-2012 (#6175) By: Guest user - Id: WbgP0zh75M

An online video showing a now-former Costa Rican official in her underwear has sparked a debate over the privacy of government workers in the Central American country — and cost the official her job this week. The video shows Karina Bolanos, who had been Costa Rica’s vice minister of culture and youth since 2006, lying on a bed in her underwear and apparently talking to her lover.

“I miss you. I love you with all my soul. And everything that you see here is yours,” she says.

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Aug-2-2012 (#6206) By: The_Boss (points: 12, rank: 783)

Definately unnecessary, but entertaining.

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Oct-14-2012 (#14229) By: Guest user - Id: cNjKzkQrdM


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Aug-6-2012 (#6524) By: always (points: 170, rank: 79)

Nothing new in monkey town. These are the retards we have milking the welfare system, and are nothing more than a poor excuse to live. You have a 400 lb sal beating on a 100 lb girl, and these losers would call this a fair fight.

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Aug-9-2012 (#6665) By: Guest user - Id: cJ2rsqOeW2

I think the term you're looking for is "sow". 100lb sow. aka female brood pig

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Jan-27-2013 (#24905) By: Guest user - Id: CpPr9FZ4KE

You dumb imbred trailor trashy meth smoking, under age bitch fucking, butt fucking in county jail for eggs kinda fag. Fuck you and there are far more whites on welfare than blacks pussy.

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Aug-10-2012 (#6783) By: destinyrocks (points: 1, rank: 4636)

Fuckin low life shit bags.
Nice to do in front of kids.
We are bombing the wrong people. Hit the projects.

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Jan-27-2013 (#24906) By: Guest user - Id: CpPr9FZ4KE

I hope your pussy ass gets blowed up by an ied you fuckin pussy bitch made motherfucker. I hope your kids get fucked down while you are overseas by their drunk ass meth dealing step dad, you know that fag of a brother of yours. I hope your grandmother gets car jacked, raped, and choke slammed by a bunch of crackheads bitch.

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Apr-5-2013 (#29932) By: william tecumseh sherman (points: 139, rank: 89)

you think you just might be a little pissed off there buddy lol ...I love it...

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