Sep-17-2012 (#10873) By: brrrtmn (points: 28092, rank: 1)

One of the greatest fights in MMA History / Один из лучших боев в истории ММА
Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama

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Sep-21-2012 (#11306) By: Guest user - Id: BhUOPPEQ9Y


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Sep-30-2012 (#12439) By: Guest user - Id: DXH61J/soU

awesome fucking fight

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Sep-30-2012 (#12465) By: Big Cref (points: 1, rank: 5063)

Big Daddy Don Frye!

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Oct-17-2012 (#14715) By: Janek Ermel (points: 73, rank: 152)

What a stupid judge!

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Nov-29-2012 (#19699) By: Nosaj (points: 1, rank: 4307)


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Feb-4-2013 (#25626) By: Guest user - Id: OGCEOHRccY

wat a stupid sport!!

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Feb-16-2013 (#26612) By: Guest user - Id: e.wf3iN7p2

Ой, как они упорно репу друг другу колотят, аш смешно стало.

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