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Robbie Williams serenades fan on Chatroulette‎
Robbie Williams has treated a fan to a surprise preview of his new material on the internet. The Let Me Entertain You star shocked student Adam Houabi when he appeared on social networking site Chatroulette and serenaded him, The Sun reported. The 19-year-old Essex lad revealed: "One minute I was talking to a bloke from Algeria... then amazingly Robbie appeared. "I didn't believe it was really him so he pulled his shirt down to reveal his chest tattoos and showed me five cameramen round him in his Hollywood studio. "Then Robbie told me he was recording a new song and started singing. He said it was called Losers and would be out in October."

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learn to hold your camara ffs.

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The reason he can't hold the camera still is very clear, he is a no-brain apple fanboi, i'm surprised he knew to hold his camera sideways and not in portrait view like all the other people suckered into buying an overpriced apple label.

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